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Health Safety & Environment


At Hikma Diesel, health, safety & the environment are of utmost priority. We have implemented the very best international  HSE standards throughout our operations to safeguard staff and workplace. 

Our in-house HSE team works tirelessly to ensure all policies and procedures are held to the highest standards, and are continuously improved to meet our company’s growing needs. we implement regular training on health, safety and environment; all Hikma Diesel personnel are HAZMAT and Defensive Driving trained to ensure  expert ability to handle the challenging demands of the job and with our third party insurance coverage, we can ensure that your budget is safe, too.

Our diesel fuel delivery trucks are in-built with state-of-the-art technology, DCD approved tankers and the best in industrial safety standards to guarantee  that every drop of fuel is filled consciously and safely.

Our Policy

HIKMA DIESEL shows its commitment to health and safety from the adverse effects of fuel logistics. Likewise, we will ensure ENVIRONMENTAL conservation for our future sustainability.

At Hikma Diesel, We:

  1. Allocate reasonable HSE resources to ensure the protection and wellbeing of the workers and workplace.
  2. Develop health, safety and environmental management system for the consistent, systematic and efficient approach to HSE management and comply with federal, local laws and international applicable standards.
  3. Perform all activities by eliminating hazards and/or by reducing residual risk to an acceptable level for HI-5 W’s and priceless UAE’s Environment.
  4. Establish HSE targets to gauge and continuously improve performance.
  5. Enlighten, Empower and Explicable (3E’s) the line-management for HSE accomplishments.
  6. Educate all employees to the level which enable them to refrain from unsafe acts and creating unsafe conditions.
  7. Incorporate HSE accomplishments of each employee during appraisal and rewards.
  8. Select competent contractors with promising HSE background and ensure their adherence to TANKIT HSE Policy.
  9. Continuously improve by periodic monitoring, inspections, reviewing procedures, risk assessments, plans and by conducting HSE audits.
  10. Conserve the environment by reducing, reusing & recycling waste, saving non-renewable energy, and preventing fuel and chemical spillages.


Hikma Diesel has developed its HSE Policy, Risk Assessments, Safe Operating Procedures, and Spill Contingency Response Plan to ensure the wellbeing of our workers.


  • Hikma Diesel has ensured the provision of necessary resources i.e., training, safety gadgets, and personal protective equipment, etc.
  • Our Tankers are approved by Civil Defense as they EXCEED the minimum safety requirements set by UAE authorities.
  • Our Captains hold “HAZMAT License” in handling Hazardous Material approved by Civil Defence-Dubai.
  • Our Captains hold a “Defensive Driving Certificate” approved by Civil Defense-Dubai.


In a nutshell, Hikma Diesel is not just fully compliant with the regulatory requirements, but a goal-setting organization